Mechanical Pencil Training
It's very simple, choose the method you want to use to learn,
go through the training and take the quiz. Your quiz will be graded on submission.
If you think you are ready, go ahead and skip to the quiz, we dare you!

Diagram Training

A bare-bones training on the mechanical pencil, this training only shows you the parts
and a brief description on use. This method is ideal for the advanced user.

Mechanical Pencil Diagram

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Step-by-step Training

More comprehensive than the Diagram Training Method, this shows you
the images and gives you instructions. This is ideal for the intermediate user.

Step-by-step Diagram

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Video Training

A series of three videos that explain how to use the mechanical pencil.
This is the most comprehensive training available and is best suited for the beginning user.

Pencil Mechanics

Pencil Usage

Replacement Parts